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Why Massage

Massage Therapy in Pittsboro NCSo many of us understand the reasons for massage now, word has gotten out, the studies have been reported in the news, and enough of us have tried it to know how wonderful it makes us feel.
If you’re one of those who hasn’t tried massage and is skeptical, it’s understandable. We all feel differently about touch, and we all have different experiences that inform our perspectives.
Stress can cause a multitude of physical discomforts including tense muscles and knots in the shoulders and neck.  Through different massage techniques, a therapist is able to loosen up sore muscles helping to relieve pain.  Massage also relaxes your body, which in turn improves your mood and leaves you feeling calm and restored…which is exactly what you need during this busy month!
Massage can also boost the body’s immune system, which is compromised by prolonged periods of stress.  Who has time to get sick?  Through different massage techniques, circulation is improved, promoting the growth of white blood cells which fight off harmful bacteria.
With dim lights, relaxing music, and the soothing smells of your favorite essential oil, let your worries melt away with one of our many options for massage.
Take a little time for YOU this month.  Book a massage with us today.
Call (919) 542-3000 to schedule your therapeutic massage with Spa at Bell House. Just coming to the Spa will begin your relaxation. And we have a really affordable monthly Wellness Program, or, a Bell Bonus Card that saves you money every time you come.
The elegant Spa at Bell House in historic downtown Pittsboro

The elegant Spa at Bell House in historic downtown Pittsboro

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