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Reflexology at the Spa at Bell House will lift your cares away and leave you feeling light on your feet again.

Reflexology at the Spa at Bell House will lift your cares away and leave you feeling light on your feet again.

The Spa at Bell House reflexology sessions help our guests unwind. Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet that help restore balance and natural energy flow to the organs of the body by stimulating the nerves and circulation.

$75 / 60 minutes

About Reflexology

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to the hands, feet or ears to affect the rest of your body. It is considered an alternative therapy and is a specific technique within the field of massage and bodywork therapy. It can be done with our without oil or lotion.

Some like it because it is specific to a small part of the body, yet is said to be able to relax and relieve tension and tightness in other parts of the body.

Others like it because of how sensitive the hands, feet and ears are, and how good it can feel.

Everyone is different in how ticklish they are and how much pressure they are comfortable with. Be sure to pay attention to what you’re comfortable with and ask for what you’re comfortable with.

The best way to find out if this relaxation method is one that will work for you is to try it. It is very popular and many people request this technique by name.

Just think of how much weight and wear you put on your feet day after day. Having the specific and detailed work of reflexology done can feel liberating.


The Detox system is a unique therapy based on a the research of Dr. Royal Rife. During the 30 minute session, the system creates millions of ions that enter your body through the feet and begin to neutralize tissue acid wasters. This enables the body to rebalance its natural electrical energy system.
$40 / 30 minutes
Series of four treatments: $99


This treatment begins with a sensory journey of choosing an essential oil of your choice to relax your body, mind and spirit. These treatments consist of 30 minutes in the sauna followed by a steam shower. The finished touch for your relaxation is a warm cup of herbal tea.
$35 / 30 minutes

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